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Founded by brothers Sam and Jerry Geroulis in August of 1979,

Body Works Limited has set the bar for automotive service excellence

across the Tri-State area.

Specializing in collision repair for all cars foreign and domestic, 

Body Works has a proven track record of success spanning the past

35+ years. Customers can attest to the unparalleled precision,

creativity, and timeliness shown in every repair. Our company doesn't

merely "fix cars"; we help expedite the entire process from insurance

carrier negotiations to rental car facilitation and beyond. Our goal is to

make your experience as painless as possible - saving your valuable time, energy, and money while getting you back in the driver's seat as quickly as possible. 


Although our mantra is "you don't have to crash to visit" - there remains no doubt that, when unfortunate vehicular circumstances do arise, Body Works is here to make your problems go away quickly and effectively.


Green Township’s Army tank gets fresh paint job                   11.6.14
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